#Snowmaggedon.  #Snowpocalypse.  #NWASnow11. #Snowtorious.  My personal favorite,  #ohmygodwereallgoingtodie.

From the two days before to the heat of the storm, the internet has been atwitter with talk of the storm and the blizzard conditions we are all by now well aware of.

We stocked up at Walmart, Harps and our local liquor stores (I would love to see the economic boost the city got from liquor sales alone during this storm). We emailed teachers, had snowball fights, and shared in the joy of our classmates each time we got those RAZAlert messages on every technological device we own.

I’m not going to lie, the snow days have been nice.  I caught up on sleep, hung out with friends and gave my house a long overdue cleaning.

As a student, though, I find myself kind of wishing the storm hadn’t taken me out of class for a week.

It is tough, as a senior, to will yourself to go to class as it is.  It’s also important to students of all classifications to get in and establish some sort of routine.

The week of of school we are in the middle of isn’t really conducive to all of that happening.

I’ve had to make an effort this week to keep up with my studies, and not lose focus. So if it’s waiting to drink until Happy Hour, reading an extra chapter to make up for not being in class or getting a little ahead on your homework, I’d encourage you to do something this mini-break to keep yourself focused.

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