Ramirez Women's Senior Night 2/28

Senior guard Amber Ramirez celebrates a 3-pointer in Sunday’s win over Alabama. Ramirez buried eight triples in her career-high 35-point outing. 

The No. 16 Arkansas women’s basketball team finished its regular season strong with a 94-76 win against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bud Walton Arena on Sunday night.

The Razorbacks recognized their seniors after the final home game of their careers.

“It’s so hard to play well on a night like tonight with so many emotions,” head coach Mike Neighbors said in a postgame press conference. “But I thought from the get-go there was a special feeling and it just continued throughout.”

Alabama led for the first few minutes of the game, but Arkansas soon took the lead and held it for the remainder of the game. By halftime, the Razorbacks had built a 12-point lead, but the Crimson Tide caught up during the third quarter.

Coming out of the half, the team made a few adjustments, changing its ball screen coverage and trying to continue to move the ball on offense, senior guard Amber Ramirez said in a postgame press conference. The team needed to start working on scoring better on ball transitions coming out of the half, Neighbors said.

“I just told them to be the best team they can be and I thought they did that,” Neighbors said. “To lead for 36 minutes of the game against a team like this (Alabama) is a pretty good thing.”

The Razorbacks had an incredible fourth quarter, increasing their lead by 18 points and holding Alabama at bay. The Hogs capped the season with a SEC women’s basketball record, attaining 19 three-pointers in a game. Ramirez had a momentous game, shooting 12-19 from the field and scoring a career-high 35 points, 24 of which were 3-pointers.

Ramirez has struggled at the 3-point line in recent games, but after the first two shots went in, she knew it was going to be a good night, she said.

“I was feeling it tonight,” Ramirez said. “My teammates kept giving me confidence, coach Neighbors kept giving me the ball and I stayed knocking down shots.”

Other double-digit point contributions came from senior guards Chelsea Dungee and Destiny Slocum, and sophomore guard Makayla Daniels, who scored 20, 17 and 15 points, respectively.

Neighbors praised the seniors and the rest of the team’s performance Sunday night as they prepare for the SEC Tournament.

“Everyone filled their role,” Neighbors said. “And to do it on senior night in front of a sold out crowd, that shows you how awesome Razorback Nation is and how important this group of kids has been to our fan base.”

Going into the SEC Tournament will have a different feel and Neighbors said he and the team look forward to whatever it brings them.

“This is the time of the year where how you manage things, how you manage your days in between now and playing in the SEC Tournament and playing in the NCAA Tournament, it’s unique every single year,” Neighbors said. “But there are similarities that I hope we can draw from in past experiences and make sure this group absolutely enjoys the fruits of their efforts and being rewarded.”

Arkansas will head to Greenville, South Carolina, for the SEC Tournament. The Hog’s first game will be against the Ole Miss Rebels at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, March 4 at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. The game will be broadcast on the SEC Network.

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