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Summer Internship Prepares Outfielder for Life After Softball

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Sydney Parr

As a freshman last season, sophomore Sydney Parr scored 10 runs in 36 appearances. She scored a game-winning run against Tennessee on Mar. 18 last season.




One Razorback softball player spent her offseason with a popular baseball broadcast network, where she secured a competitive internship.

Sophomore and North Little Rock-native Sydney Parr got the opportunity to intern at MLB Network after Fox Sports personality Joe Buck contacted her, she said.

Parr was not expecting to have the internship when she did.

“It honestly came out of the blue,” Parr said. “My mom actually has some connections, and through her connections, people reached out to a lot of the actual MLB clubs.”

Through these connections, Parr came in contact with the owners of the Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks, she said. From there, she spoke with the heads of the teams’ HR departments and the internship programs.

However, Parr was initially told she was too young for an internship position, she was surprised with an email offering the opportunity of a lifetime.

“One day I got an email from Fox Sports reporter Joe Buck, and he emailed me saying would I be interested in doing an internship with the Major League Baseball Network,” Parr said. “He said if I am to send him my resume and that he will be my person to submit my stuff.”

With the help of Buck, Parr obtained the internship. The email itself was unexpected by Parr.

“Joe Buck was the one who helped me,” Parr said. “He just emailed me and asked if that was something of my interest.”

Parr spent the summer of 2017 in Secaucus, New Jersey, at Studio 3 and Studio 42 on MLB Network’s campus. While there, she learned how to make graphics, contact other sports organizations to verify information and be an on-air talent. She worked alongside other MLB Network hosts, and got to sit in the studio during shows.

While Razorback fans know Parr as an important outfielder for the softball team, she’ll take her love for the diamond to the booth with a career in broadcast journalism, she said.

Parr is currently studying broadcast journalism and dreams of becoming a baseball reporter.

“For the big picture, it’s just to be on ESPN or at the MLB Network getting to be an on-air talent or getting to sideline report for actual games,” Parr said.

Parr’s teammates not only speak highly of her softball abilities, but also her character. A.J. Belans, a senior infielder, said Parr would be the perfect person for an on-air reporting job.

Parr is outgoing and can have a conversation with anyone, Belans said. “She could have a conversation with an eight year old to an 80 year old. It does not matter. That girl can talk and about anything.“

Aside from her high hopes for her future, Parr  thinks this season for the Razorback softball team will be special, she said. She is excited to begin the new season with her team under the leadership of head coach Courtney Deifel, and will work to be her best, she said.

Parr holds a leadership position on the team and is known for being a player who keeps the rest of the team upbeat, Deifel said.

“She has an ability to push her teammates around her by the standard that she holds for herself,” Deifel said. “She is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever had the privilege to coach.”

Parr fully expects to be in the NCAA Division I College World Series at the end of the season. She thinks this year’s team has what it takes to win a national championship, she said

In the 2017 season, Parr finished with 10 runs in 36 appearances, and played offense mostly as a pinch runner. She also finished with one assist and five putouts.

Though Parr has not had many chances to prove herself on the diamond, Deifel said to expect more of Parr in this season.

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