This weekend, I was busy keeping up with the NBA playoffs, as most of you should have been. If you didn’t, though, I’ve put together some highlights for you here.

The Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets faced off in what should be considered an instant classic Saturday in game four of their first-round series.

It would take three overtime periods to settle the game. There was also an impressive 34-point performance by guard Nate Robinson, though he only had five points after three quarters. Arkansas alumni Joe Johnson also hit a big shot in this game to force another overtime period.

For people who only watch playoff basketball, this game provided what the casual fan wants to see.

Two of the most storied franchises in NBA history found themselves in pretty deep holes thus far. Both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers fell to 0-3 to start their postseason play.

Boston rallied against the New York Knicks Sunday to force a game five, however the Lakers dismally exited their first round series against the San Antonio Spurs.

Oklahoma City also made some headlines over the weekend that was hard for many fans to swallow. Former Razorback Patrick Beverley went for a steal on Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and knocked his knee in an awkward position.

Westbrook tore his meniscus and underwent season-ending surgery to end his streak of 394 games played to begin his young career.

Oklahoma City’s chances of winning the NBA championship took a hit with this loss and they will need a series of huge performances from superstar Kevin Durant to continue their playoff run.

Another series features the Los Angeles Clippers taking on the Memphis Grizzlies. This series could go all the way through game seven, as both teams match up very well against each other. Home court could be the big determining factor here.

The Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks is another series that could last seven games. The Pacers jumped out 2-0, but a strong home performance by Atlanta showed that the Hawks weren’t going to go easy at the will of Indiana.

The Golden State Warriors are playing the Denver Nuggets to round out the Western Conference side of first-round action.

Warrior guard Stephon Curry is quickly becoming one of the greatest shooters to ever play on an NBA court. Many people have compared Curry to “Pistol” Pete Maravich who is considered one of the greatest shooters of all time.

The last Eastern Conference matchup came to an end Sunday as the reigning champion Miami Heat swept the Milwaukee Bucks to await the winner of the Bulls and Nets series.

Lebron James and Dwyane Wade have seemingly put it on cruise control as they look to repeat their title quest. The NBA playoffs have been intriguing thus far and look to only become better as the rounds move on.

Zack Wheeler is a writer for the Arkansas Traveler. His column appears every Tuesday. Follow the sports section on Twitter @UATravSports.

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