Junior Lauren Alter gets set to receive the serve Jan. 20 against Saint Louis University.




The Southeastern Conference approved starting dates for fall sports competitions for men and women excluding football.

The decision was announced Thursday afternoon by the SEC committee and does not include football. Officials announced at the end of July that football teams would adopt a conference-only schedule for the season.

The 2020 SEC men’s and women’s cross country seasons will have a minimum of two and maximum of three events prior to the SEC Championship in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Oct. 30. The season is set to start between Sept. 11 and Oct. 23. There is also a possibility of including competition from non-conference opponents if those schools stick to the SEC’s COVID-19 testing protocols.

The 2020 SEC soccer season will have an eight-match, conference-only schedule for eight weeks of competition, set to begin Sept. 18. The SEC tournament will take place Nov. 13-22 in Orange Beach, Alabama. All 14 teams will compete in the SEC tournament and each team is guaranteed to play at least two matches.

In addition, the 2020 SEC volleyball season will also consist of an eight-match, conference-only schedule. Competition will span six weeks and start Oct. 16, with each school competing against four opponents, twice in the same weekend, on back-to-back days.

Both SEC soccer and volleyball will participate in spring competition as well, with details on the final decisions from the NCAA to be determined for conducting spring championships in those sports.

For the fall season of men’s and women’s golf and cross country, teams may compete in up to three team events beginning Oct. 1. Golf and tennis teams will be limited to events that only involve SEC members or non-conference teams from the geographical area of the SEC school.

The SEC previously announced that sports like cross country, soccer and volleyball would be postponed until Aug 31.

It was announced in July that scholarships for student-athletes that choose to opt-out because of COVID-19 concerns will still have their scholarships honored by their universities.

SEC team schedules are still to be determined for the fall 2020 season.

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