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Hogs One of a Few UA Teams With No International Students

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The Arkansas Razorback Baseball team is one of the few UA sports teams to have no international students on the team, but this is not only specific to Arkansas, the UA media facilities coordinator said.

There are no international students on any of the 13 SEC baseball teams, except for Auburn University, as a student from Canada will be joining the team in 2018, according to the Auburn Baseball website.

The lack of international students is not uncommon.

“The low number of international baseball student-athletes isn’t specific to Arkansas and is like that across the country,” said John Thomas, UA media facilities coordinator in an email. “A few programs have athletes from outside the U.S., but they usually come from an area that the head coach is familiar with already.”

Some head coaches may have a connection or be from the area, but “it’s not an uncommon thing for a college baseball team in the U.S. to not have any international players,” Thomas said. Many coaches scout for players in areas that they are familiar with, Thomas said.

There are 44 players on the Diamond Hogs baseball team, who represent 12 states across the country, according to the Arkansas Razorbacks Athletic website.  

Fifteen of the Diamond Hogs are from Arkansas, making it the state with the highest turnout of players for the team.

This was surprising to senior Colin Doege.

“I honestly thought they would mostly all be from Texas,” Doege said. “I’m really surprised that a lot of them are from Arkansas.”

Eleven Diamond Hog players are from Texas, making it the state with the second-highest turnout of players.

Doege said he wasn’t surprised by this.

“If it wasn’t the first state with the most players, it would be the second,” Doege said.

Four players are from Kansas, four are from Illinois, two are from Oklahoma and two are from California. One player is from Iowa, one is from Tennessee, one is from Florida and one if from Louisiana.

The Diamond Hogs are not the only Razorback sports team to have no international players.

Women’s basketball, gymnastics and softball are without international players, according to the Arkansas Razorbacks Athletics website.

Men’s basketball, soccer and football have one international student, and men and women’s golf  and volleyball have five international students. Men and women’s cross country have nine international students, swimming and diving have six international students, men and women’s tennis have 11 and men and women’s track and field have 15 international students.


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